We manufacture spraying and spreading drones for agricultural applications

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  • Hello Fluktor!

    Fluktor GmbH was founded on December 13th, 2022. The registration process is not yet completed but will be soon. The name Fluktor is an acronym built from the German words [Flu]g (Engl. flight) and Tra[ktor] (Engl. tractor). As tractors are used in agriculture for many applications by mounting or towing various equipment, Fluktor drones are…

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    China’s spraying drone trend – a European opportunity? Henrik Battke Leonhard Krause Julius Petri (Pix4D GmbH) 22., 23. November 2022 Berlin Summary In China, a remarkable number of spraying and spreading drones have been sold recently, with exponential growth since 2016. In this report, we investigate the factors that led to this development. We conclude…

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Open Platform

FLUKTOR is an open drone platform. Data and electrical specifications will be available for integrators and tool manufacturers. We invite established experts in spraying and spreading technologies and remote sensing to develop, provide and distribute tools with FLUKTOR.

It’s European

It’s European. FLUKTOR is a Germany-based startup that manufactures drones in Berlin and Brandenburg. We ensure the drones fulfill the necessary EASA and regional agricultural applications and operations requirements. We will provide documentation to you to get the required permissions from your local authorities to operate the drone.

The future is smart, ecological, efficient, and electric.

With FLUKTOR spraying drones, farmers apply up to 90% fewer agrochemicals to the environment compared to conventional application techniques.

Help to protect our environment for us and future generations.

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12.11.2023 – 18.11.2023Agritechnica, Hannover

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